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RadioThe Early 90's

Raymond has been involved in most of the major forms of media, print, radio, television, and now internet.

Wherever he has lived, he has produced articles and newsletters to expound and clarify the faith and social issues.  A major part of his initial outreach was radio programs. 

In New Zealand, his first radio broadcast show was "Crossroads Challenge".  It was produced in cooperation with the Alternative Ministry of the Auckland diocese.  In Christchurch, he ran "Mission: Possible!", supported by the diocesan bishop, the Most Reverend Basil Meeking.

Layman's Hour"Sounds Catholic" in Western Australia was sponsored by the Most Rev. Barry Hickey, Archbishop of Perth.  In his section, "Radio Replies", Raymond answered write-in questions on faith and morals.  Its success led to a live, call-in talk show called "The Laymanís Hour" which he and his wife, Theresa, produced for two years.  Every Sunday evening they punched out news, interviews, reports and animated exchanges with callers, all themed on the defense of the Faith, apologetics and socio-political issues.

Within the last five years

Raymond de SouzaRaymond has featured on the Eternal World Television Network - EWTN.  His first series, "Good or Evil: Who Decides?" explored the nature of morality in light of the individual, the state, pressure groups and God.  His second series, "Jesus Christ, True God and True Man" is a masterly defence of Jesus' divinity in the face of the growth of secularism, agnosticism and Islam.

Most recently

His continued travels worldwide have sparked invitations to television shows and radio stations worldwide.  Some of the major media outlets that have interviewed Raymond on apologetics, pro-life and socio-political issues:

EWTN Bookmark - Doug Keck
EWTN The Journey Home - Marcus Grodi
EWTN Threshold of Hope - Fr. Mitch Pacwa
EWTN Radio -
with Theresa Tomeo

RealCatholicTV - Michael Voris
WHOJ 91.9 FM  -
Catholic Radio in Indiana
Stations of the Cross Catholic Radio Network - Buffalo, NY
Divine Mercy Network - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Raymond de SouzaAve Maria Radio - Ann Arbor, MI

TelePace in Australia - the Italian broadcast in Australia

Canc„o Nova - Catholic Television in Brazil
StereoVale 103.9 - Radio in

Canc„o Nova - Catholic Television and Radio in Portugal

Pax Television - Catholic Television in Peru

Radio Veritas - Catholic Radio in South Africa
Radio 907 - Secular Radio in South Africa

With Human Life International - HLI - Raymond currently produces "HLI Lifelines", a pro-life series in five languages available only online.  Languages include English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. 

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