Raymond de Souza is the founder and director of Saint Gabriel Communications, Australia's first international outreach to promote Catholic apologetics.  He is the program director for Portuguese speaking countries for Human Life International - HLI - and of the Sacred Heart Legion in the United States.


EWTN 25th: Raymond interviewed by Marcus Grodi

Raymond describes himself as "Brazilian by birth, Catholic by grace, Australian by choice."  As an internationally renowned speaker, Raymond has given more than 2,000 talks over twenty-five years in defence of Catholic social teaching and apologetics.  His work in radio, television and seminars has assisted religious education programs in parishes, schools, and lay organizations on five continents, notably in Brazil, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

With three highly successful series on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), Raymond continues to travel and address audiences across the world in four languages.  He has addressed audiences, focus groups, political rallies and parliamentary officials.

He revised the New Millenium Edition of "Defence of the Seven Sacraments" by King Henry VIII, and created the New Apologetics Course, the first of its kind in the world available to lay people.

Raymond's devoted wife, Theresa, and five of his eight children assist him in the expansion of SGC-I.

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