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Sacred Heart Seminar

The most important belief Catholics find difficult to explain to non-Catholics (as well as to lapsed Catholics) is the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Simple evidence of the senses tells us that it is only bread and wine.  The texture, color, taste... everything suggests that Jesus spoke figuratively and not literally when He said, "This is my Body, This is My Blood".

Yet for two millenia, hundreds of millions of Roman Catholics worldwide affirm that it Jesus Christ is present under the species of bread and wine.

How many lay Catholics can explain that it is reasonable to believe in this singular Mystery of the Faith - Mysterium Fidei - in a satisfactory manner to non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics?

The MYSTERIUM FIDEI Eucharistic Seminar comprises a series of three talks on the reality of the Eucharist:

Seminar 1
It makes perfect sense to believe that Jesus wanted His Apostles to take Him literally, not figuratively, when He consecrated bread and wine at the Last Supper. Logic at the Service of Faith.

Seminar 2
Examine the writings of the early Church Fathers, especially those who lived before the end of the fourth Century, when the Church put the Bible together in its present format.  See how their belief is also held by all present day Catholics loyal to the Church Magisterium. The Faith of the Early Christians.

Seminar 3
Investigate the liturgy of the Jewish Passover, and bring to light the sacred origins of the Catholic Mass, especially in its sacrificial aspect as the Passover Liturgy of the New Testament.


Presented by Raymond de Souza, EWTN Program Host and Director of the Sacred Heart Institute, three crucial talks:

  • De-Christianization – exposing social, moral and political breakdown as denounced by Pope Benedict XVI.
  • The 12 Promises – an overview of their relevance and impact.
  • The True Devotion – our response as Catholics.

This seminar can be booked in any of four languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese.

The Sacred Heart Seminar Series intends to

  • create interest within the United States for a revival in the Sacred Heart Devotion
  • generate interest in the World Congress Series
  • generate interest for the Sacred Heart Legion to empower individuals and groups

Since many will be unable to attend the World Congresses, this Seminar Series is intended to generate greater interest in the relevance and understanding of the Sacred Heart.

Write in today to reserve your seminar! 

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Contact us today to have Raymond's most popular, timely and gripping seminars at your parish, faith formation group or evangelization outreach seminar!


The asterisk* means this talk is available from our online catalog.

#1: Is Jesus Christ God Incarnate? *
Does it make sense to believe that a Jewish carpenter who lived in a obscure province of the Roman Empire and who died like a common criminal, was God in the Flesh? - Logic at the service of Faith.

#2:  Did Jesus truly rise from the dead? *
According to the historical records, did Jesus rise physically... or only in the faith of the disciples? - A unique historical investigation to prove the Resurrection.

#3:  This is My Body': Real... or Symbolic? *
At the Last Supper, didn’t He mean it just figuratively? How did the Apostles and early Christians understand it? - The biblical, patristic and logical foundations of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

#4:  The Holy Mass: Meal... or Sacrifice? *
Is there any connection between the Last Supper and Calvary? - The sacrificial nature of the last Supper and its relevance to the Catholic Mass.

#5:  What is 'Good'? What is 'Evil"? Who Decides? *
The Government? The Courts? The Church? The individual? - Investigating the natural foundations of Morality from the points of view of logic and daily contemporary experience - A MUST!

#6:  The Fatima Message Seminar
a. What really happened at Fatima?
b. Socio-political-economic consequences of Our lady’s Message
c. The third Secret of Fatima – a forgotten tragedy

#7:  Understanding Islam
Learn from the Koran the origin, spirituality and beliefs of Islam.

#8:  The Devil? A Force... or a person? *
A Medieval superstition... or a powerful spirit bent on our eternal loss? - Investigating the reality of the devil’s existence, powers and action.


#9:  Contraception and the extinction of civilization
Investigating the consequences of contraception and the West’s failure to replace its own population.

#10:  Contraception and the Mind of Christ *
How did Jesus understand marriage when He raised it from natural marriage to the level of Sacrament for our salvation?

#11:  Divorce and re-marriage... Why not?
If it is a contract made between two partners, why shouldn’t one partner be able to break it, and start anew? Investigating the Mind of Christ on marriage.

#12:  Who is the Rock: Peter... or Jesus? *
Aren’t there millions of Christians who ignore the Bishop of Rome and yet claim to live by the Bible? - Investigating the biblical foundations of the Papacy.

#13:  Ex Cathedra... what's that? *
How can a Church made up of fallible people claim that the Pope, who is a man just like the rest, be infallible? - Investigating the biblical foundations of papal infallibility.

#14:  Did Christ found a specific Church?
Which Christian denomination contains the fullness of Christ’s teachings? Can it be identified in biblical, historical and logical terms? - The distinctive marks of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. 


#15:  Women Priests... Why Not? *
Did Jesus intend the Church to have priests of both sexes? How can one know for sure? - On the exclusive male priesthood in the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

#16:  Sola Scriptura
Is the Bible alone sufficient for any Christian to know the fullness of Christ's teachings with certitude, or is preaching also necessary? - The biblical foundations of the Church Magisterium.

#17:  The Bible, a Catholic Book
Why are there different versions of the Bible, often conflicting in key texts? Why non-Catholic Christians refuse to accept some books of the Old Testament? - The facts about the authentic version of the Bible.

#18:  Sola Fide
Is Faith alone sufficient for salvation, or must faith be lived through good works? - The biblical foundations of good works as necessary for pleasing God.

#19:  True and False Ecumenism
Clarifying a confusing and demobilizing issue.


#20:  The Existence of God
Can our minds come to have any certitude about God's existence, or must we take it on pure faith? - The five logical proofs of God's existence according to St Thomas Aquinas, adapted to today's language and scientific experience.

#21:   Does God have any rights in society?
Is the so-called ‘right of artistic expression’ sufficient to allow blasphemy? - A study on the 3rd Commandment and the duties of Christians to defend God’s honor.

#22:   The Spiritual Soul
What is a human being? Are we mere superior animals or do we have a spiritual soul, substantially different from, but united with, our bodies? Is it reasonable to believe in life after death? - Logical proofs of the existence of the human soul.

#23:   Does Purgatory Exist? *
Isn’t ‘purgatory’ just a Roman Catholic invention? - The logical, biblical, historical and archaeological foundations of Purgatory.

#24:   Catholic Statues... or Pagan Idols?
Aren’t statues pretty much the same as idols, which God condemned in the Old Testament? - The biblical foundations of statues in Hebrew and Catholic worship.

#25:   The Rights and duties of the Catholic laity under Canon Law
A most revealing and educational study!

#26:   The Rosary: prayer of 'vain repetitions'? *
Didn’t Jesus condemn the pagan-like practice of saying the same prayer over and over again? - The biblical inspiration of the repetitive prayer.


#27:   Celibacy: Un-natural... or Super-natural?
Investigating the biblical and patristic foundations of the discipline of celibacy.

#28:   Creation-Centred Spirituality
Pagan witchcraft invades the Church - Investigating Matthew Fox’s ‘theology’ of earth-worship and pantheism.

#29:   The Question of Certitude
How does the human mind acquire knowledge? How can we be sure we have learned truth and not mere opinion? - Certitude as a requirement of a sound intellectual life to establish a reasonable basis for belief.

#30:   Can Mary be called the 'Mother of God'? *
Biblical and Patristic Mariology - Part One.

#31:   The perpetual virginity of the Mother of Jesus *
Biblical and patristic Mariology – Part Two

#32:   How can Mary be 'Immaculate'? *
Biblical and Patristic Mariology - Part Three.

#33:   Mary Assumed into Heaven *
Biblical and Patristic Mariology – Part Four.

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