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A letter from Raymond de Souza
April 21st, 2010


Cardinal Ratzinger– today Pope Benedict XVI - warned that "Catholics cannot remain immature in the faith, as they the risk being tossed away here and there by any doctrinal wind".

Accordingly, Saint Gabriel Communications International (SGC-I) affirms that Catholics must be empowered to understand, believe, love, proclaim and defend the sound doctrines preached by the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

John Paul II stated that Catholics "cannot settle for a life of mediocrity, marked by a minimalist ethic and a shallow religiosity". He described them as 'cafeteria Catholics'.

He called for a New Apologetics for the people. 

To respond to his call, SGC-I has launched the New Evangelization of Faith and Reason to reach out to Catholics throughout America!

Will you join us to reclaim the ground lost to secularism and faithlessness – even in Catholic circles?

To become an Apostle of the Re-Evangelization of the Baptized in the Catholic Counter-Revolution – prayer, study, action?

To reclaim what is stealthily being taken from us: our Christian culture?

Because the fact is that America is being de-Christianized.

I am sure that you are well aware of the problem. Together let's be part of the solution.

That is why I personally invite you to join the 'New Apologetics Course' being promoted in the US and from here to the whole English-speaking world.

It was Pope Pius XII who alerted mankind about the three main factors that bring about de-Christianization:

Economy without God; Laws without God; Politics without God.

The results are plain:

• Relativism; de-Christianization; faithlessness; anti-Catholicism; unhindered blasphemy; drugs; growth of Satanism; mediocrity among so many Catholics;
• Abortion on demand; homosexuality; violence and immorality in the media; pornography; widespread promiscuity and contraception;
• Unaccountable politicians; silent religious leaders; lukewarmness and poor Catholic education in many places.
• Etc., etc. etc.

Why do these things happen?

Because the Christian values that used o be features in American life and culture are drifting into oblivion.

Let's face it: to a great many young people, Catholic Faith and Morals are seen as... "irrelevant"! And they are supposed to be the future of the Church in this country!

Pope Benedict XVI said to the German Bishops that "We know that secularism and de-Christianization are gaining ground, that relativism is growing and that the influence of Catholic ethics and morals is in constant decline" (Youth Day 2005).

He also said that "Many people abandon the Church or, if they stay, accept only a part of Catholic teaching, picking and choosing between only certain aspects of Christianity."

Many churchgoing Catholics vote for pro-abortion politicians, are indifferent to homosxual 'marriage' and ignore the general de-Christianization of our society.

More importantly, widespread ignorance and especially silence in areas of faith and morals are rampant.

The "cafeteria Catholics" phenomenon that Pope John Paul II spoke against – we want to have that cafeteria closed!

John Paul II boldly called for "A New Apologetics for the people, so that they may understand what the Church teaches".

And that is precisely the mission of SGC-I: to help re-evangelize the baptized throughout the nation, aiming specially at the youth.

What is this New Evangelization of Faith and Reason about?

It is to recover what we have lost, to reclaim the souls that already belong to the Catholic Church, to rekindle the Faith among the baptized and to proclaim Christ among unbelievers.

Why is it so necessary?

Sadly enough, a great many young people lack certitudes in their ideas and choices. Among many of the not-so-young, too.

Sure, many may have inherited good norms of behavior from their parents. But many drift away from those good norms, under the influence of the prevailing neo-pagan culture.


They lack the principles that justify those good norms.

But let's not blame them for that. How could they have sound principles, if they haven't been taught? They are the victims of the tragedy, rather than its perpetrators.

First we have to ask ourselves what went wrong. Have we - families, schools, parishes, universities - fully explained to them the reasons why they should keep those good norms?

Sadly enough, many Catholics simply keep on wishing that thing will get back on track without much effort on our part.

You and I know that this wishful thinking and lack of serious action will get us nowhere - except into a worse state.

This is especially so when we see teenagers losing the faith, relatives joining anti-Catholic sects, friends saying that they no longer believe in God.

If the Catechism tells us what we must believe, the New Apologetics tells us why we believe. It is Logic at the service of the Faith.

Highly acclaimed in Australia, this efficacious learning method provides the necessary tools to empower Catholics to understand, proclaim and defend the Faith of the Apostles.

The Course is based upon the celebrated 'Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine' work by Archbishop Michael Sheehan.

That masterpiece of authentic Catholic Education was updated by Fr. Peter Joseph, PhD. Theol., Vice-Rector of the Saint John Vianney Seminary in Australia.

It was first published in the United Kingdom and launched in Australia by the Archbishop of Sydney, today George Cardinal Pell, at the New South Wales Parliament.

"De-Christianization and the Catholic Counter-Revolution"First, watch the DVD "De-Christanization and the Catholic Counter-Revolution".

Once you've seen it, download your coupon here, fill it out and mail it to us to start your subscription.

Surely, there are many committed Americans involved in the Reconquest of the Nation for Christ the King. And yet, a great many more are needed. And this work is more urgent then ever!

Because what you and I witness everyday is nothing less than a crisis of Faith:

Decades of poor or no moral teaching in many Catholic schools, a defective children’s Catecheses and lack of proper formation for parents in many parishes and educational institutions.

If this trend continues, we must ask ourselves whether authentic Catholicism will be as visible in America when our grandchildren - or possibly even our children - grow up.

Or how much growth Islam will have had by simply filling up the void left by the de-Christianization process.

As a student of the New Apologetics Course, you will be making possible the promotion of the New Evangelization of Faith and Reason to Re-Evangelize the Baptized, throughout America.

I do look forward to hearing from you.

In Jesus and Mary,



Raymond J de Souza
Executive officer
Saint Gabriel Communications International, Inc.

PS: Yes, it is high time to reclaim the ground lost to relativism, secularism and faithlessness: to reclaim what is stealthily being taken from us: our Christian culture!

It is the Catholic Counter-Revolution of Prayer, Study and Action at work!


Small Angel


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