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Raymond and Theresa de SouzaSGC-I is a lay, Catholic apostolate founded in the Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia, by Raymond and Theresa de Souza.  With extensions opening in over five countries, it reaches an international audience with some of the best tools for the defence of the Faith.  

Since 1988, Raymond and Theresa de Souza have been in the forefront of Catholic Action, answering challenges and attacks against the Faith, producing materials for its defense and travelling into every major continent to bring the Light of Truth.  Together, they created newsletters and radio programs, duplicated books and audio CDs, orchestrated demonstrations and prayer rallies, along with numerous other activities. Their greatest efforts to help counter the crisis of Faith in the Church have been two operations:

1)  Organizing speaking engagements in four languages in over twenty-two countries across the world.  As a competent, Catholic apologist with a dynamic approach flavored with wit and humor, Raymond's presentations has brought to men and women greater conviction, powerful arguments and a deeper love of the Faith.  More about Raymond.

2)  The New Apologetics Course. Launched in Australia in 2004, this all-in-one series of lessons brings to you the best formation like no other course worldwide.  Since most people are unable to attend or receive a college education, the creation and promotion of this Course caters perfectly to a culture besieged by time-constraints and commitments.  Read more about this exciting Course.  Australian residents may click here.

St Gabriel ArchangelThe archangel Saint Gabriel is our guide and inspiration.  As the bringer of Good News to the Blessed Virgin in the Annunciation, we strive to bring a fire, hope and love for the one, true Faith to serious Catholics and anyone asking Pontius Pilate's question, "What is Truth?" 



Our History

Archbishop Barry Hickey1998

From its office in the Cathedral Parish Centre, and counting on the blessing and support of His Grace the Archbishop of Perth and Metropolitan of Western Australia, the Most Reverend Barry James Hickey, SGC ran a twelve-week series of talks on Catholic Apologetics  in Catholic schools and parishes.

The series covered the essentials of the Faith: the Divinity of Jesus Christ; His Resurrection; the Church He Founded; His Real Presence in the Eucharist; the Sacrificial nature of the Mass; the Marian dogmas; the Papacy and Pontifical Infallibility, and so on.

SGC quickly expanded to give talks in other parishes and Catholic schools and in short order hit the airwaves with its first weekly Catholic radio broadcast: "Sounds Catholic", produced and hosted by Raymond de Souza.  It was sponsored by the Most Rev. Barry Hickey, Archbishop of Perth.  In the section "Radio Replies," Raymond answered write-in questions on faith and morals.

12 Week Series

The Layman's HourThat program's success led to a live, call-in, talk show called "The Laymanís Hour" which he produced with his wife, Theresa.  Every Sunday evening for two years, Raymond and Theresa enlivened the airwaves with news, interviews, reports and animated exchanges with callers. "The Laymanís Hour" was the first and only live talk show run by Catholics in Western Australia.

But SGC did not remain in Western Australia.  Raymond and Theresa organized regular speaking tours in all states of Australia, reaching Catholics in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart Brisbane and a variety of smaller interior cities.

 Raymond speaking in Australia

From Australia, conference tours in over four languages were organized in the United States, all across the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Portugal, South Africa and Singapore.  Raymond addressed audiences in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Currently, SGC-I's headquarters are in the United States, where Raymond, Theresa and the family promote the Sacred Heart Legion and work closely with Human Life International.

Raymond de SouzaOver the last few years, Raymond has featured on the EWTN Global Catholic Network.  His first series "Good or Evil: Who Decides?" explored the nature of morality in light of God, the state, society and the Individual.

His second series "Jesus Christ, true God and True Man" defends the divinity of Jesus against the growth of secularism, agnosticism and Islam.

Coming soon is his newest series on the '12 Promises of the Sacred Heart'.  Raymond advocates that the real-life application of Christ's promises will transform individuals, families and societies to retake the world for the Sacred Heart.

SGC-I co-operates with similar apostolates in Oceania and North America, continuing to expand its work of Catholic Apologetics worldwide, putting "Logic at the Service of the Faith" to "Re-evangelize the Baptized."


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